Western Union® and MoneyGram®

Sending money anywhere, to anyone you want has never been easier!

Money Transfer
When you need to send money fast, visit one of our convenient Cash2Go Financial location for Western Union® or MoneyGram® services. With nearly 500,000 agent located in over 200 countries, you can transfer cash to friends and family—quickly, reliably and conveniently. Visit a Cash2Go Financial location today for information on fees and currency rates, and be sure to bring in your promotion code if you have one!

Western Union® or MoneyGram® Payment Services
You can also make bill payments with Western Union® or MoneyGram®. Visit one of our convenient Cash2Go Financial location and we’ll help you pay your bills using Western Union® or MoneyGram®. We makes sure your payments are processed quickly, helping you avoid late fees, negative credit reporting or service charges.

Sending Money to an Inmate
Stop by one of our convenient Cash2Go Financial location to send money to anyone in any correctional institutions.  Please make sure you have the name of the institution, the inmates name, and inmate number, and we will take care of the rest.